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Hollywood Heights

Character: Lia
Directed by: Various
Written by: Various
Produced by: Hisham Abed
Other cast: Melissa Ordway, Jama Williamson, Cody Anthony, Brittany Underwood, Robert Adamson
Episodes: Season 1 Episode 68,Season 1 Episode 69, Season 1 Episode 70, Season 1 Episode 71, Season 1 Episode 72, Season 1 Episode 73, Season 1 Episode 74,Season 1 Episode 75, Season 1 Episode 76, Season 1 Episode 77, Season 1 Episode 78, Season 1 Episode 79, Season 1 Episode 80
Episode title: Seeing A Ghost, Waking Up, A Strange Call, Max And Nora Go To Ojai, Loren and Kelly Clash, A Message from Loren, Escape, Loren Learns the Truth, Loren Confronts Chloe, Jetsetter, Fresno, An Unexpected Guest, The Final Concert
Genre: Drama
Running time: 1 hour

Loren a smart, shy and independent high school senior who has ambitions of being a songwriter, secretly sends her song lyrics to her celebrity crush, rock superstar Eddie Duran. Loren's wildest dreams come true when she not only wins a songwriting competition sponsored by Eddie, but strikes up a friendship with her idol. Eddie sees beyond Loren's potential as a songwriter and gives her a first break as a singer, and when the truth about his less-than-faithful girlfriend Chloe is revealed, Eddie and Loren's friendship blossoms.