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Character: Kaya
Created by: Deborah Joy LeVine
Directed by: Bradley walsh, Anthony Atkins, James Head
Written by: Yolonda Kay, Deborah Joy LeVine, Meredith Philpott
Produced by: Tracey Jeffrey
Other cast: Mike Dopud, Cory Monteith
Episodes: All episodes
Genre: Drama
Running time: 30 minutes

Follow Kaya and her band Crossing Coldwater as they navigate the recording industry and fame. Kaya joins three guys, Gunnar, Taylor and Manny in their band and become a smash after their first album on an indie label catapults them to the top of the charts and catch the eye of a label. The label wants to promote the band as Kaya not Crossing Coldwater causing strife with the guys and their already strained relationship. Kaya and Gunnar used to date. Gunnar still loves Kaya but after a tragedy in Kaya's life leaves her lost, she unsure what she wants. Taylor jumps into the mix trying to get kaya for himself. Can Gunnar and Taylor still be friends and ban mates or is Crossing Coldwater dead in the water?