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Character: Callie
Created by: Stephen Tolkin and Lori Loughlin
Directed by: Various
Written by: Various
Produced by: Various
Other cast: Lori Loughlin, Merrin Dungey, Ryan Kwanten, Jess McCartney, Shawn Christian, Kay Panabaker, Taylor Cole and Zac Efron
Episodes: Season 1 Episode 7, Season 1 Episode 9, Season 1 Episode 11, Season 1 Episode 12, Season 1 Episode 13, Season 2 Episode 1, Season 2 Episode 2, Season 2 Episode 5, Season 2 Episode 6 and Season 2 Episode 7
Episode title: To Thine Self Be True, Skipping School, Life In The Fishbowl, Yummy Mummy, On The Last Night Of Summer, The Wisdom To Know The Difference, I Am The Walrus, Mr. And Mrs. Who, The Pleiades and Where There's A Will There's A Wave

Bradin, Nikki and Derrick are 3 kids from an average normal Kansas household. Their whole life is thrown upside-down when their parents are tragically killed in a car accident.